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The way that the sun makes your silhouette and the chances that I had to make you smile. They aren't coming around. -Stephen Jerzak

A car crash I was in. Good thing I’m still alive!

I stood up and checked myself, no blood on my shirt, arms, legs and feet -I’m still moving and walking (thank God!)

I went to watch the people swarm the accident area, tv people, police, fire truck and ambulance everywhere.

I couldn’t get near my car for everything in thirty-feet away was ablaze.

A lot of people crying, injured people everywhere, some are already dead!

Huh!? Mom..I gotta call my mom.

She must be seeing this on tv, she would be worried.

I reach for my pocket, it wasn’t there; neither at the back pockets.

I must’ve left it at the car compartment.

I should be going home.

Too much traffic I couldn’t get a cab.

Everyone who has no car rushed to find one.

Atlast I saw a neighbor, Mr. Rogers; just three houses away from mine.

I thought he was in a hurry so I ran to ride in the cab with him.

He saw me and nodded as I signaled to ride in the cab with him.

He said that this was the most tragic accident he ever was in.

There were families in the accident and he said there were some kids who lived on our block who died too.

An eighteen-wheeler truck caused the cars to skid and some went flying.

Some cars crashed real hard to each other, others were smashed hard towards the truck.

I shuddered to the thought, and thank God I was alive.

It was a close one for me.

Mr. Rogers stared at me like he was about to breakdown, but he didn’t.

He just stared at me.

The cab halted to a stop when it neared his place.

I decided to get out of the cab too.

I asked him if he was going to be okay, he didn’t say anything but he just stared.

I watched him go to his house, he slumped while he walked.

So I turned my back and headed towards my house.

I called for Mom, when I got in; nobody answered.

The house was empty.

I went to the bathroom to wash

I heard the phone ring and my mom left a message to my sister that they were at the hospital

She told my sister to hurry.

I scrambled out the bathroom to reach for the phone but she already hanged up.

I hurried to the county hospital which was just two-blocsk away from our home so I ran as fast as I can.

I hope I’m not too late.

Who could it be?

She didn’t say who… was it my dad?

Oh God no! Not my dad.

Was my dad anywhere near the accident?

I hope he’s fine.

I hate it when I don’t have a cellphone. I can’t remember my family’s numbers!

Everythnig is there on my cellphone.

I was struggling to breathe when I reached the hospital doors.

I saw Mr. Rogers again, but this time he was smiling.

So I smiled back at him, but I was so preoccupied so I went straight to the emergency room.

There I saw my mother, my sister —where was dad!?

I shouted Dad as I pushed my way through the door.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw my father on the hospital bed;

Hugging my lifeless body.

Then everything went black.

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To the Hand that Rocks the Cradle

A Mother and no other....

She tirelessly wakes up at the wee hours of nigh
To feed crying babies at her bossom.
With her loving arms wrapped around you
Consoling you of your tears and fears.

She watches you with an eagles eye
As you learn to walk and run
So that no harms way may befall you
Thus you take your wee adventurous step one by one.

She nurtures you day and night
With calming and kind words she teaches
She just knows how to say the right things to you
When things are in disarray as you grow up.

The first one to know
Of your heart flips and butterflies in stomachs
And a shoulder to cry on from heartaches to a failing grade
A Mother and no other.

A cry of despair from sickness to the deathbed
A mother’s love is unfathomable
A soldiers cry up to the last hurrah
A gift from God to live up to this time.
Unconditional love she provides.

A MOTHER like no other.
An angel in disguise.
A nurturing wonder
Of a hand that rocks the cradle
To a tear that drops to a coffin where you are laid to rest.
A mother and no other.


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My Vendetta for YOU.

I look at you with despise and rage that boils from within.

I spit on the ground from which you stand.
You are nothing but filth.
You are nothing but a sack of horseshit.
You are nothing but a diminutive species that I consider lower than scum!
I vomit at the mention of your very name.
My acid stains the inside of my stomach when I see you everytime.
I don’t trust you.
I don’t respect you.
I don’t like you.
I fucking abhor you!
Your presence starts to give me that stench.
You know that smell of rotting insides of a carcass??
Yeah…that’s you!
Love is farther from my thoughts.
I could never love you again.
Revenge is what I want.
I have this fucking vendetta on you.
I want you to suffer.
Suffer more than I have ever felt.
Die a thousand deaths!
I would kill you if taking lives were legal.
I’d do the kind of ways of killing you slowly.
I’d use a scalpel.
To slice all over your body and just make an open wound.
I’d pour salt to every open wound that I’ve made.
I will let you scream with pain.
Endless and endless of pain.
I’ll cut your ears, ‘cut them with a very dull scissor.
I’ll hammer your knees till your kneecaps crack.
I’ll cut your fingers one by one but not touch the ring finger on the left.
But first, I’ll nail your hands palms down with a very rusty nail, then start crushing them with a hammer.
Your screams, oh your screams will be enticing to my ears.
That would really invigorate my thoughts to eradicate the wails and my asthma-causing cries in the middle of the night.
Ahh.. now your ring finger.
I will cut your ring finger.
Chop them little by little.
Melt the gold ring.
That symbol of Eternity, Love, Marriage and Trust.
For better or worse.
Till you die do we part.
Now the ring has melted.
I will mix it in the chopped ring finger and feed it to you.
I will burn your neck with a hot spoon, fresh from the blazing fire of a torch.
Touch your skin with it, especially those open wounds…
Do you feel the burn…?
Does it hurt?
I hope it does.
But there’s more.
But I’ll wait till you are conscious again…
My soul will rot but the Vendetta I have for you will always be there.
I love you with a revenge stuck like a dagger to my heart.
I’ll never forgive you.
Even in death I will stalk you.
You should have thought a thousand times before you had begun hurting me.

I don’t play….


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