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A Single Cell

"Living and Breathing"

A single cell moving from one space to another
A moment of awakening, a day of removal.
It must have sensed a friction
That emotional tie it binds
Will be removed and never seen.

A momentum of machines
Everything gone.
An hour or so to encounter
Every hope disappears
With a regret to succumb for a lifetime.

An expectant soul, speculating the outside world
Hopeful of another day.
But dreams come to an end
To end a souls growing beginning
A beginning to live.

Then a wave of dismissal
Utters a sigh of relief
A prayer answered, even before it was spoken
A predetermined decision
To pass on for generations.

A single cell moving from one space to another
Clinging to a tie that binds
Together mother and child
The moment of awakening, to the day of removal
Ready for the beginning of Life.

words…my heart.. my poem

a life’s desire to fulfill

my mind..soul, entwined.


I would like to nominate moonscribbles


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