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..and you know we’re Angels,
One has to live for the other to survive.
I feel your pain the same way you feel mine.
We both are susceptible to pain when we are together…
… or near each other.
We just have to get away from each other, to live, to be alive, to be strong…

And to be just Angels…

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I thought it was you… who placed my head on a pedestal
Ornate my dreams with wings, showered my thoughts with bountiful fragrant flowers.
.. I thought it was you…who tied ribbons on my hair
Watered my confusion to a blossoming bliss of reality.

How ironic it would seem
To smile when your heart is bleeding
To talk meekly when you want to shout
To stare at you when all I want is to close my eyes and erase that picture of you.

I thought it was us… who kept that trust alive
Traded secrets of my melancholic mind.
..I thought it was us… who pondered on some thought
When bestfriends were not supposed to be betrayers of the heart.

You knew my pain, I thought you shared mine
I gained confidence in the trust I have for you
Ironic as it may seem
I gave my all and you brushed it away like you never cared at all.

You would not even have the time to read this.
As pointless as it may seem.
Like you.


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Wanting to write a Poem and You are not In your Head.




There I stood like a tall birch tree
Hanging on to my roots for dear life

You spoke of a thousand winds
Everytime you open your mouth

Yet I listen with my ears closed
And with eyes wide shut

I bought a lotto ticket
And went shopping for a day

I drove a car with a motorcycle helmet on my head
It would seem nice to go out on the sun

Music to my ears are those chirping birds
Wouldn’t you like to fly too?

Swimming and fishing don’t go together
When piranhas are on the lake

Have you been to….

…mind is still blank.

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