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Rare and Exquisite


A most pleasured award

That could not measure a thousand laughter

Thank you for recognizing, thank you for reading

and listening with your hearts and with your minds.

So unique.

Like the rare and exquisite

Nine-headed phoenix!

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What If… last.

What if I left..
..would you still find me?

What if you found me..
..would you take me home?

What if I won’t..
..would you still explain that I have to?

What if I decide not to be with you..
..would you let me go?


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Forever, I’ll hold my peace.

sad to be with you.. sadder to be without you.

I made mistakes
Mistakes that could ruin a reputation
..mistakes that could change a perspective
..mistakes that would turn joy into grief
I don’t deny it.

I acted
Both will and determination prove that I can be accepted prove that I am important
It feels good to be special.

I loved
Fell out of love
..people that don’t mean anything
..people that just come and go
Still empty, and worse when they’re gone.

I needed you
Where were you
..when my life was at its peak
..when my life was at its lowest
You should have known my secrets.

Into my place of comfort
I dwell alone
..never will you understand
..never will I let you know
In Forever, I will hold my peace.

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He Who Has No Name.

A Miracle.


Some say, He sleeps by day
At night He wakes
…and the mountain rumbles
…then the earth shakes
The sky is red like burning fire.

Blessed are those who has seen Him
Their lives are changed
From everlasting to everlasting
They would say, “Thou art God”.

Yet there are some
Who don’t believe
What else is there
To prove that He is God Almighty
…and behold His glory.

Take example of the Creation
…of the world and man
Pillars of fire that barricaded
…Israelites from Egyptian chariots.
He who has no name,
…parted the Red sea with His mighty hands
To free His beloved people.

He who has no name,
Provided laws
…a tablet written by His own fingers
A Commandment to follow by heart.
….and who shall withstand the power of God…?

So it has been written.
So it shall be done.


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Worked with its magical hands

A creation of beauty and wonder

An art of perfection

Took Him six days to finish it all

In His own image

He created Man

To let His majestic power be known

To have authority over them

He gave them a choice

A choice to be in Heaven

Against the fiery rage of hell

A battle between good and evil

But still……

People love to do evil things

Hateful to His eyes

A distaste to His judgement

In time He will destroy

Once a beautiful creation

A world of wonder and awe

In a snap, everything will crumble

If I were you

I’d despise evil

Follow His teachings

Love Him with all my heart

Though it’s up to You.

‘about time you prepared,

For when that time comes…

Do you know where you will come home to….


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Not Too Late….

It captivates my heart…

Is it pride if I think I did something good?

Is it jealousy when I think I can do better than you?

Is it something to be talked about behind my back,

…..and that you’re my friend?

Can you able to check yourself first

….before telling others about their faults?

What could have been can never be undo.

What I did is of no business to you .

…..but would you care if I held on to your hand?

I am wrong and you are right.

You think you are, then I am out of sight.

I think you care, but it’s not what I am after.

My feelings crushed.

… one cares.

Soon, I will realize.

You were right.

…..all along.

I hope everything will not be too late.

…..not too late.

I hate to succumb to myself.

The mistakes I know I did.

…..but give me time.

Fear is my only enemy.

…..To battle with myself.


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