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Adam Levine

His eyes called out to me,
His smile took my breath away
His touch made me want him more body ached for him wanting to be filledadam-levine
..his carresses electrified every inch of me

I opened without hesitation
Like a sea embracing a diver
Destined to seek that pearl

..his mouth made me moan ripples of energy ready to burst

He eyes overpowering
That look that made me wild with want

..his flesh drove my insides in a sensation of shaking ecstacy.
..his body mingled with my spasms
..he erupted me like a hot molten lava.
..that spasmodic shake seemed to lift me higher
..that pleasure engulfed every pore of my bodice
..I moaned in total bliss

His throaty moans attuned with mine
His muscles hardened as he lets out that warm tingling shiver

It made him lose his strength as he succumbed to my embrace
My breathing hummed with his heartbeat
Seemed to entwine with mine….

My Adam Levine.

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