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A Sinner’s Lament.

forgiven_post_cards-r5bfe12dedc214b0692e1cc187850e954_vgbaq_8byvr_324I. Confessions of a Sinner.

I’ve lied to many people to get away from being reprimanded.
Including my parents who have long thought I was a saint.
I was a saint in their own eyes.
I know I have pledged my ways…

…but the enticement to do the wrong was unbearably strong.

I’ve killed vagueness with vulgarity.
In which too much attention drove me to the spotlight.
I’ve punished those whom I’ve thought,
Had they stolen my rightful spot.

Made friends with people carrying pitchforks.
I was vain, haughty and greedy.
I am not proud of it now.
I know I once was.

I have my share of love found and love lost.
I have my share of wicked infidelities.
Wicked schemes of revenge.
Lustfullness to unimaginable extremity.

I was not happy.

I am not proud of all the things I’ve done.
I have suffered severe consequence.
Consequeneces that made me writhe in pain.
I was emotionally drained, bleeding and dying spiritually.

Where I can’t be found.

II. Redemption of a Sinner.

First time in my life I closed my eyes.
Knelt down to pray, I asked for pardon against my sins.
Would He ever forgive me, I asked myself.
Because I know, I am not worthy of His grace.

I just knelt not thinking of anything.

What do I pray? I asked myself again.
Then a shadow came over me.
I blinked open and saw the sun was in my eyes.
Too bright that I couldn’t see.

I heard a voice inside my head.
It said, “my Child, why are you afraid of me?
Come to me.
I will give you rest.

I knew it was Him.

I felt so ashamed.
I felt so scared.
I felt so little.

His voice called out my deepest fears and pains.
Everything that has been pulling my life down seem to loosen its weight.
His soothing words calmed my beating heart.
My nights turned to days.

He said, I love you.
I will never forsake you.
I have been waiting for you.

I cried with all my heart.
I cried all the hurts and the sins tht has kept me in bondage all these time.
I cried all the pain that tortured me and left me for dead all these years.
I choked on my tears when I envisioned myself kneeling at his feet.
He pulled me up and cradled me in His arms.

The whole time, He was there.
When I felt so alone and no one to turn to,
He was there.
He loved me despite my inequities.
He cared for me.
He died for my sins.
He redeemed me of my sins.

I know..

He saved me.

I know..

JESUS loves me.

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What do you call a man who is noble in stature, but not in character.
His playground is the hearts of men.
His content is not with the wise.
To turn back from the world,
Would be a lack of judgement.

He is respected by many,
Loved by a few.
He’d go Sunday after Sunday.
His fulfillment is a circumstance.

He wants more though he has plenty.
He does not know what it is to be in need.
He can think about such things.
But not admirable in the sight of God.

A turn of events began to take its toll.
Frailty of the body is what he suffered most.
Almost down to nothing to preserve his life.
What is there to gain when you have nothing to lose?

Lying on his bed he thought of what has passed.
He realized he wasted too much energy on something he couldn’t gain.
He silently prayed with tears in his eyes.
A peaceful mind, opens a hope to move on.

There is hope.
Though in his weakness,
God made him strong.
He studied the Bible and led on a noble life and humbleness in his heart.

He learned the secret of being content.
He learned to discern.
He seized the oppurtunity of knowing God.
Learning the ways of God and putting it into practice.

He now thinks about such things –
Whatever is true, whatever is noble,
Whatever is right, whatever is pure,
Whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable,
If anything is excellent and praiseworthy.

What could be more nobler than this…?

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The Main Question

Question_mark_by_SiandraWhat is a painting?
When there is no objectivity.
Just a swish of mismatch colors,
Depicting a still life in a frame.

What is a journal?
An unkempt adventure.
When everything is a story,
…yet no one has ever read it.

What is a book?
When moth and moisture spoil the pages.
…and the reader doesn’t care,
But the ultimacy of purpose is to finish it.

What is a woman?
Stereotyped to be a weakling and a nag.
A model of perplexity.
…but is equal to a man with courage.

What is love and to be loved?
Epic moments where you can be vainglorious.
An inexplicable sentiment,
For a man and a woman.

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I have overcome hatred with Love.
I have overcome impatience with Understanding.
I have overcome pain with Unselfishness, knowing how my God endured it.

I do not consider myself righteous when I tell you to change.

Though you know which path to take,
You let everyday life suck you dry…
With envy, selfishness, lies and being a hypocrite is what boils down inside.

I’ve been on that road once, twice, three times in this life time.

I have marked my way of life through my victories and failures.
Failures have made me better than my victories.
Have you thought of betterness or bitterness in your failures?

What could God be telling you?

And true friends might come and go in your life time.
One truest friend stays forever.
A true friend may tell you of your faults, but with love and tenderness.
A fair-weather friend may tell you of your faults just for the goal of hurting you.
If you are a true friend you’d not think otherwise but accept what a friend sees in you.

…..and change for the better.

Learn to accept,
Learn to be true,
Learn the ways what God is teaching you to do.
Do not be a hypocrite when you seem to serve the Lord,
…but your heart is not into it.
It will be like burning coals on your head.

Walk in the ways of the Lord,
I’m walking mine….
…but have you?

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