29 Aug


What do you call a man who is noble in stature, but not in character.
His playground is the hearts of men.
His content is not with the wise.
To turn back from the world,
Would be a lack of judgement.

He is respected by many,
Loved by a few.
He’d go Sunday after Sunday.
His fulfillment is a circumstance.

He wants more though he has plenty.
He does not know what it is to be in need.
He can think about such things.
But not admirable in the sight of God.

A turn of events began to take its toll.
Frailty of the body is what he suffered most.
Almost down to nothing to preserve his life.
What is there to gain when you have nothing to lose?

Lying on his bed he thought of what has passed.
He realized he wasted too much energy on something he couldn’t gain.
He silently prayed with tears in his eyes.
A peaceful mind, opens a hope to move on.

There is hope.
Though in his weakness,
God made him strong.
He studied the Bible and led on a noble life and humbleness in his heart.

He learned the secret of being content.
He learned to discern.
He seized the oppurtunity of knowing God.
Learning the ways of God and putting it into practice.

He now thinks about such things –
Whatever is true, whatever is noble,
Whatever is right, whatever is pure,
Whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable,
If anything is excellent and praiseworthy.

What could be more nobler than this…?

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