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My Silent Cry

..its the fact that dying is the most inevitable thing.

..its the fact that i want to be with you everyday.

..its the fact that if i can turn back time..i would.

..its the fact that your time is limited..but what i’m going to give has no limits at all.


Looking at you makes me want to die first.


..its the fact that I want to hold your hand forever.

..its the fact that hearing your laughter makes my heart soar.

..its the fact that I won’t be able to hear it because life is being unfair to you.


I’m crying while i’m writing this and i hope you don’t see me.


You are is that what makes me human.

You are is what it means to be alive.

You are is a gift.

You are is my life.

….Beyond Grief.

I promise to make your life worthwhile.

I promise to show more love.

I promise ..

i promise to not promise not to cry when the time comes.


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