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Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. ~Oscar Wilde …

From all forms they come.

Some may come smiling, some may even be running.

Others would even hold the door for you or even invite themselves in!

Meeting one everyday is an adventure

Pausing me to think day after day.

Each one is a constant emotional battle.

I realize that these faces are not real.

Behind those laughing, smiling eyes,

..and the picture of innocent faces

shows a Mask of man’s mocking reality.

To cover up transgressions of guilty and adultery

A sackful of hypocrisy, vanity and greed.

It is a choice by heart of course, between real and make believe faces.

You can never tell the difference which one is real.

Still I pretend that nothing is wrong.

With myself or the so-called world web of lies.

As I touch that cold and imperfect union of ties

You seem to think they understand you and feel your pain.

Instead.. they criticize you!

One might then feel guilty, but never removes the mask.

So I start to wear my own mask

In all forms I can come with it.

But just from the surface, you might look and stare at them hard

All they may have are their life’s personal posessions

They may smile and share and often times offer you material happiness.

They don’t know that everytime they put their masks on,

They forget they had not removed the first one.


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Just leave me be…

Oh pain! Just leave me be.

It pierces my heart so deep the wound I can’t withstand.

My conscience is like that frenzied maelstrom

That wreaks the vagaries of my esteemed vengeance

I vow to you like that of a woman scorned

You whilst find the pieces that have tantamount

This stinking stench you have bestowed!

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