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My Mother and My Grandmother



I grew up learning my do’s and don’ts with my Grandmother.

Though living with her may seem like hell during my adolescent years,

..because of her strictly-straight-arrow-spanish-blood-attitude,

I grew up living with only 2 rules.

Either you be straight as a fiddle or be broken into pieces,

Your choice!

Grandma may be strict but with so much love.

Grandma’s words may hurt but a challenge was always welcomed.

She may see a blooming heart but never stopped teaching when I think I’m good enough!

She wanted everything to be perfect, just like the way she was.

If you love yourself, she said, you always try to perfect your ways.

If you respect yourself, you learn to respect others and in return respect is given back.

Grandma loved to cook. I hated it when I was small.

I always stayed home to assist her when everybody in the family would go out and have fun.

She would always ask for me, to stay and help.

I resented it.

But little did I know that inside me is a growing-Chef that wanted to learn more!

I miss her cooking, I miss the scrumptious food, I miss assisting her.

Now I’m all grown up and have a family of my own,

I found out that my life is to cook!

My first love is cooking and my 2nd love is writing!

I never knew that all my resentments during those time were all to let me become what I am now.

A doting mother like she was, can never sleep when her children were sick.

A loving mother who disciplines and lets you get it when you’re not on the right track!

This is what I’ve learned from you MommyBaby.

Which I aptly follow through with my son.

“Either you be straight as a fiddle or be broken into pieces!”

So far so good, I will never be like you because MommyBaby is mommyBaby!

If there was one thing I could able myself like’s how you cook!

I will always miss you Mommy, and I love you!


Though at times I could never fathom the way you do what you do.

Even if it hurts you, you still strive and struggle just to provide..

The needs of your children.

There may be times that I forget to say thank you,

..because for some reason we have fought over those things.

We may agree to disagree but you would always win.

You never say you were too tired, or your arms and back ache do the laundry or wash the dishes, that’s after work..

You never make me help though, you just make me wipe the water off the plates and hang the clothes to dry off.

We may never have been that close then but I can feel your love…so much more now.

You can’t stand to see us in pain,

You can’t stand to see us hurt- physically or emotionally.

Sometimes we may not hear you say you love us – outrightly

But your actions are so strong that words cannot describe it!

Your sacrifices for us are stronger than anything in this world.

Mama, there is nothing in this world that I would rather be

To be with you is all I ask.

I promise you when the time comes that I will take care of you, to love you and to provide you more than you need.

I’m happy that I’ve become strong .. and stronger I will be because..

Of 2 great women in my life.

My Mother and My Grandmother.


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Reminiscing Regrets.

I opened my eyes and there you were

Standing, smiling, looking at me.

I closed my eyes and opened it again

Just to make sure

It’s not just a figment of my imagination.

But when I opened my eyes

I realize it was just delusion

I was dreaming, yet it seemed so real

I wanted to close my eyes again,

And reflect what’s left of my dreams.

As proverbial as it may seem…

I tried to visualize again.

The image of your reflection,

In my mind and in my heart.

You promised not to leave me.

But you left when I was beginning  to value your love,

You taught me to be true to myself.

You helped me appreciate the true meaning of life.

But now things will never be the same.

All I have are pictures of you,

Memories of the past,

The joyful moments,

When time was of no substance.

My lament now is for the moment to ponder .

How I wish I could turn back time

And be the person you want me to become.

You shouldn’t have gone.

You should have fought your way back,

For I know you are immensely strong.

Why did you have to leave me behind?

When everything was turning out so favorably.

I was to befit what you want me to be.

You left… oh so sudden.

I was not yet prepared.

I just hope you’re contented now

Because I know that you are..

I feel you guiding me inside my heart.

But if ever in a long time I had forgotten

To let you know….

I love you and miss you so much, dad.



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