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My Vendetta for YOU.

I look at you with despise and rage that boils from within.

I spit on the ground from which you stand.
You are nothing but filth.
You are nothing but a sack of horseshit.
You are nothing but a diminutive species that I consider lower than scum!
I vomit at the mention of your very name.
My acid stains the inside of my stomach when I see you everytime.
I don’t trust you.
I don’t respect you.
I don’t like you.
I fucking abhor you!
Your presence starts to give me that stench.
You know that smell of rotting insides of a carcass??
Yeah…that’s you!
Love is farther from my thoughts.
I could never love you again.
Revenge is what I want.
I have this fucking vendetta on you.
I want you to suffer.
Suffer more than I have ever felt.
Die a thousand deaths!
I would kill you if taking lives were legal.
I’d do the kind of ways of killing you slowly.
I’d use a scalpel.
To slice all over your body and just make an open wound.
I’d pour salt to every open wound that I’ve made.
I will let you scream with pain.
Endless and endless of pain.
I’ll cut your ears, ‘cut them with a very dull scissor.
I’ll hammer your knees till your kneecaps crack.
I’ll cut your fingers one by one but not touch the ring finger on the left.
But first, I’ll nail your hands palms down with a very rusty nail, then start crushing them with a hammer.
Your screams, oh your screams will be enticing to my ears.
That would really invigorate my thoughts to eradicate the wails and my asthma-causing cries in the middle of the night.
Ahh.. now your ring finger.
I will cut your ring finger.
Chop them little by little.
Melt the gold ring.
That symbol of Eternity, Love, Marriage and Trust.
For better or worse.
Till you die do we part.
Now the ring has melted.
I will mix it in the chopped ring finger and feed it to you.
I will burn your neck with a hot spoon, fresh from the blazing fire of a torch.
Touch your skin with it, especially those open wounds…
Do you feel the burn…?
Does it hurt?
I hope it does.
But there’s more.
But I’ll wait till you are conscious again…
My soul will rot but the Vendetta I have for you will always be there.
I love you with a revenge stuck like a dagger to my heart.
I’ll never forgive you.
Even in death I will stalk you.
You should have thought a thousand times before you had begun hurting me.

I don’t play….


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The third person dies a tragic death.

I had been kicked, crushed and disarrayed
Fractions of my life in shambles.
Wanting to undwindle the time
When letting go was beyond imagination.

I screamed my lungs out
When I found your dual identity
Hopeful as it may seem
It tore my irrevocable trust.

I had not foreseen this
Nor had I thought about it
With a tiny sparkle of light
I found my way to that darkened path.

....................(breathing for momentum)

I saw you and unmistakingly
It was not me with you.
ME. I.
What you so called significant other.
Fuck you!

That female dog haunted my nights
My days that turned into years
I was possessed with revenge
I could not get over it
I wanted to kill....

I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't look at my face in the mirror
For fear of seeing them in my own reflection
I cried, I screamed
I wanted to die.

For weeks I did not eat, but just water.
While friends prayed,
YOU! How dare you!?
'have the audacity to call to let me know you still care..?..!
You stupid son of a *bitch!!!

Now it rained on you
Realized I was important
Thought of that son that made you smile
Missed the voice that called you dad...
A family is all that was.

Now you want it all back
Back to assume all that was.
As simple words that may convey
"I'm sorry, I messed up
I want you back.

Do you think
It's just that simple
"I want you, I'm sorry
Let's fuck and be merry...!?

What's to believe in
I can't even differentiate a lie from the truth
When you start to open your mouth
Better yet close it.


It's been two(2) years
It's not a no-go situation
He has not given up...'told him to do just that
Why he stays, when nothing's left..?
Respect, trust, love...where did they all go?
Toilet. ....

Now he's back
I should be ..... happy..?
I don't know.
Where is that female dog now...?
The answer lies in the title.
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