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My Eyes vs My Father’s Eyes


I see a puddle of mud

The aftermath of rain

My Father sees a new beginning

For every rain comes a rainbow



I see my muddy shoes

Traversed on puddles

My Father sees hard work

A reward waits from being industrious



I see dirty clothes

The only ones I have

My Father sees humility

Despite my shame



I see myself unloved

Though my Father loved me more than anybody else!

I see myself pained, hurt and living in sin

..but my Father sees an angel with a broken wing.



He died for me.

..and took away all my sins…

Just to show me how much He loves me.

He gave me eyes to see the way things are.

Do you have a Father like that?

Mine is called Jesus Christ.


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..and you know we’re Angels,
One has to live for the other to survive.
I feel your pain the same way you feel mine.
We both are susceptible to pain when we are together…
… or near each other.
We just have to get away from each other, to live, to be alive, to be strong…

And to be just Angels…

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