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The Cross.


Two wooden logs.
In a shape of a “t”.
A man was nailed to it.
An innocent man was nailed to it.

This man was a carpenter.
Like every other man during that time.
Would you have believed him,
… when He said he was God’s Son?

He was mocked.
He was whipped and was being spat at.
They let him wear a crown of thorns.
That pierced through his skin.

Stabbed with a spear.
Imagine the pain He went through.
Can you?
Oh the agony!

But did you know…?
He did not die in vain.
He suffered and died for all our sins!
The sins.. that he did not do.

He’s the son of a carpenter.
He’s the Son of God.
He’s the coming King.
His name is JESUS.


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I live, I love and I cry.

Pain inside my heart…
Will this ever end tonight..?

When your heart stops beating and rests from all the pain

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Just leave me be…

Oh pain! Just leave me be.

It pierces my heart so deep the wound I can’t withstand.

My conscience is like that frenzied maelstrom

That wreaks the vagaries of my esteemed vengeance

I vow to you like that of a woman scorned

You whilst find the pieces that have tantamount

This stinking stench you have bestowed!

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