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The Fruit of the Spirit


What can be more challenging
Than loving somebody who hates you?
But wouldn’t it be more fun and exciting,
To drive by and throw rocks at that person
Then shout…”it’s because I love you!”
If only. …but No.


It’s a crazy world out there.
Death gets hold of a member in the family.
The minister says, “isn’t it a joy to celebrate death?”
If you don’t get it, you somehow like to strike the minister.
..but if you do get it…
“To be born twice, is to die only once.”
“To be born once is to die twice.”
Think wisely.


Where is peace, when I’m hungry?
Where is peace, when I’m penniless?
Why can’t I have peace?
So much I tried but I can’t seem to make it stay.
*Give up everything and go find your peace.
The Lord says, “the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace.”
Let meekness reside in you.


Do I need to?
Haven’t I suffered enough?
Do I need to undergo this battle?
Do I have to curse people just to prove my point?
That I am right and you are all wrong?
Imagine yourself sitting there and doing nothing.
Seeing Jesus dying on the cross,
Being spat at and crowned with thorns.
Do you think you have the right to live a lavish life after all you’ve done?
Give it all up then you can shorten your Long-longsuffering into just “longsuffering!”


Be kind to one another.
Helping. Sharing.
Understanding. Caring. Sharing.
Too much of yourself to your neighbors house is annoying.
Too much of your asking is annoying and begets self-demeaning.
On the contrary, love without sharing is not worth anything.
..but you also cannot share without loving.
Kindness is to give all you’ve got,
What is yours is mine-remind me every pay day!


Do you believe in good things?
Even if you think you don’t deserve it?
What do you deserve then?
A lashing? A hundred times lashing perhaps?
But No.
You deserve all the goodness in the world.
Though a legion of bad on top of your head,
You still deserve goodness.
HE created you. You deserve to live life.
But its your choice how you live your life!


O you of little faith!
You keep your faith inside your underpants!
O you of little faith!
You shame yourself because of your obscenities!
Your unfaithfulness leads to your disobedience!
….but though your sins may be as red as scarlet,
Our forgiving God will blot out all your inequities as once He did with mine.


Neither harsh nor violent
In words and in deeds
Soft and delicate are your ways
Your tender ways are all kind and amiable.
You will be loved, you will be longed.
Instead you flock yourself with people who entice you
With everything that’s just wrong!


…..But No.

God will not give you the fruit of the spirit at an instant when you ask for it.
Instead He gives you situations where you are able to learn it within yourself!


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